Chapter 2. Package Documentation

entrans — build and run GStreamer transcoding pipeline
enplayer — GStreamer media/pipeline player
Package Installation
Running uninstalled
Release History

See also the documentation for provided plug-ins

Package Installation


Definitely required:


well, only if you want to run entrans, but that is the idea …


At least gstreamer (core) and gst-plugins-base are needed, and for any comfortable operation the other modules as well; gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-ugly, gst-plugins-bad and of course gst-ffmpeg. Of course, compiling these oneself may lead to more or less plug-ins, depending on the (e.g. codec) libraries actually installed.

Running entrans requires python bindings for GStreamer provided by PyGObject based on GObject Introspection (with some additional customizing overrides supplied by gst-python).

Optionally needed, e.g. if (re-)building documentation:


This includes DocBook DTDs, and processing capability using Norman Walsh's DocBook XSL stylesheets. XML catalogs for the DTDs should also be setup (usually already taken care of by the installer/distro).


This is used to generate documentation for the plug-ins, and in turn depends on (a.o.) DocBook, python, pyxml, …

Running uninstalled

enplayer can be run uninstalled as long as enplayer is also present in the same directory, which could be added to the PATH for convenience. enplayer could also be run uninstalled, though some features might be missing as they require elements supplied by the package's plugins.


If necessary prerequisites are satisfied, then it suffices to unpack the tarball, then run ./configure, and then make, make install, as usual.

If you are using the GIT version, you will also need some autotools, and must run ./ first.

The distributed tarball includes generated HTML pages, man pages and gtkdoc documentation. If you want to rebuild or install the gtkdoc part, you must pass --enable-gtk-doc to ./configure. Building from GIT by means of ./ will do so by default. In any case, however, this then involves quite some additional dependencies (otherwise optional).

Similarly, passing --enable-docbook is required to rebuild the (current) HTML documentation, and additionally --enable-docbook2x is required to rebuild the manpage, neither of which is really recommended due to dependencies involved. However, this is not needed simply to have man pages installed from a distributed tarball.

Release History

GEntrans 1.2.1. 

  • minor fixes on the recently added enplayer media player

  • aligning and namespacing of plugin names and library sonames

GEntrans 1.2.0. 

  • a plain though versatile enplayer media player has been added which provides player functionality to suppplement entrans's transcoding capabilities

  • a new element entransalsavolume has been added, providing optional additional ALSA convenience when using enplayer in an ALSA context

  • namespacing of debug category and element factory names using a configure-time determined prefix (default set to entrans)

  • minor adjustments to entrans to provide shared code support for enplayer

GEntrans 1.0.4. 

  • add tag filtering capability to dam

  • various build fixes and documentation updates

  • all element GType names are now prefixed with GstEntrans

  • optional namespacing of debug category and element factory names using a configure-time determined prefix; in subsequent (minor) release this prefix will default to entrans (and might then break existing element references if not overridden)

  • improved handling of multi-valued options in configuration file

  • configuration file now also searched for in XDG specified location ($HOME/.config)

  • miscellaneous fixes and some refactoring of entrans in preparation of next release

GEntrans 1.0.3. 

  • minor fixes to msharpen element and entrans script

  • replace some deprecated pygobject constructs

  • upgrade build setup to newer autotools and GStreamer

GEntrans 1.0.2. 

  • improve parallel installability with 0.10 version

  • additional fix for 1.x ref handling

GEntrans 1.0.1. 

  • make entransstamp really GStreamer 1.x compatible

  • enhance entransstamp to optionally interpolate existing timestamps

  • additional 1.x PTS/DTS behavioural adjustments; new tsdup element, tweaks to shift, bufferjoin

  • miscellaneous code cleanups, build and test fixes

GEntrans 1.0.0. 

  • ported to GStreamer 1.0

GEntrans 0.10.4. 

  • support for encoding profile based transcoding using encodebin

  • more gstreamer -good native muxers now selected by default based on file extension

  • adjustments to upgraded or deprecated core API and behaviour

  • liboil dependency removed

  • miscellaneous build fixes, e.g. also support Win32 building

  • various code cleanups, minor bug fixes and documentation updates

GEntrans 0.10.3. 

  • fix possible entrans hang due to pygobject mainloop signal handling in python 2.6

  • build fixes and adjustments to upgraded or deprecated API

  • various code cleanups and documentation updates

GEntrans 0.10.2. 

  • additional filter elements (ported from AviDemux2)

  • build fixes and adjustments to upgraded or deprecated API

  • capssetter element enhanced and moved to upstream

  • tags are now converted to their expected value type

  • misc. updates and fixes

GEntrans 0.10.1. 

  • make also multiqueue and queue2 aware

  • allow re-ordering of input streams to output streams

  • processing pipeline can now also be provided per specific stream (rather than only per type of stream)

  • seek for selected sections no longer restricted to FORMAT_TIME; now also possible in terms of a custom format (e.g. DVD chapter)

  • monitor for e.g. no-more-pads time-out, and try to correct/simulate

  • new generic element bufferjoin: joins subsequent buffers with identical timestamps (e.g. codec sequence headers and subsequent frame)

  • recognize and support some more container format file extensions

  • upgrades and adjustments to deprecations and new bindings

  • misc. updates and fixes

GEntrans 0.10.0. 

  • Initial release: collection of plugins and python based transcoding command line tool.