GEntrans is a software package providing a collection of plug-ins and tools for the GStreamer multimedia framework.

GStreamer allows for easy multimedia processing and creation of multimedia applications, as e.g. demonstrated by a number of players and some other applications already built on it. This project provides for:

It is free software under a (L)GPL license.

As for the name "GEntrans"; not surprisingly "En" refers to En(coder), "Trans" to Trans(coding), and "G" to GNU, or GLib, or GStreamer, or ...

(SourceForge Project page)


The release numbering shares major number with that of GStreamer modules to indicate the API compability. The latest release of gentrans is version 1.2.1, released on July 6, 2017. See the change log for what's new since the last version.

You can find it (and older versions of gentrans) at the SourceForge download pages.

Online documentation

You can also read the most recent documentation online, either for the entrans or enplayer tool, or for a collection of plug-ins.

There are also instructions on building and installing it on your system. That document also lists other software that GEntrans depends on which you must install first.

A sort-of howto-documentation offers some additional introduction to GStreamer, as well as examples and pointers for particular transcoding purposes.


You can view the GIT repository here.