guint strength Read / Write
guint threshold Read / Write

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GInitiallyUnowned
        ╰── GstObject
            ╰── GstElement
                ╰── GstBaseTransform
                    ╰── GstVideoFilter
                        ╰── GstEntransXsharpen


This filter performs a subtle but useful sharpening effect. The result is a sharpening effect that not only avoids amplifying noise, but also tends to reduce it. A welcome side effect is that files processed with this filter tend to compress to smaller files.

  • When strength is maximal, mapped pixels are not blended with the original pixel values, so a full-strength effect is achieved. As the value is reduced, each mapped pixel is blended with more of the original pixel. At a value of 0, the original pixels are passed through and there is no sharpening effect.

  • threshold indicates how close a pixel must be to the brightest or dimmest pixel to be mapped. If a pixel is more than threshold away from the brightest or dimmest pixel, it is not mapped. Thus, as the threshold is reduced, pixels in the mid range start to be spared.


  • VirtualDub xsharpen filter [Donald A. Graft]
  • Also available in transcode (xsharpen filter)



Types and Values


typedef GstXsharpen GstEntransXsharpen;

Property Details

The “strength” property

  “strength”                 guint

Strength/weight of modification of a mapped pixel.

Flags: Read / Write

Allowed values: <= 256

Default value: 200

The “threshold” property

  “threshold”                guint

Threshold for pixel to be mapped.

Flags: Read / Write

Allowed values: <= 256

Default value: 256