gst-entrans Elements

astat — Audio statistics plugin
boxscale — Resizes video and/or boxes if needed to preserve aspect ratio
bufferjoin — Joins consecutive buffers with identical timestamps
cshift — Chroma-lag shifter
csub — Chroma subtracter; aka nored the image
dam — Block and/or filter stream
decimate — NTSC Decimation
delogo — Simple tv station logo remover
detectinter — Detect interlaced frames
divxkey — Check for divx/xvid/mpeg4 keyframes
dnr — Dynamic noise reduction
fields — Field Manipulator
hqdn3d — High Quality 3D Denoiser
ivtc — Inverse Telecine
kerneldeint — Adaptive kernel deinterlacer
mask — Filter through rectangular mask
mp2enc — MPEG-1/2 audio encoder
msharpen — Performs sharpening limited to edge areas of the frame
multiprocpipe — Feeds input into (a) process (per buffer) and pushes the output
procpipe — Feeds input into process stdin and pushes its stdout
rbswap — Swap red and blue components
shift — Shift buffers in time, thus re-syncing
smooth — Smoothing (single frame)
soften — Softening
stabilize — Stabilizing
stamp — (Time)stamp buffers, thus re-sequencing
tsdup — Duplicate pts/dts timestamp
unsharp — (Un)Sharpen using Gaussian blur
whitebalance — Correct images with a broken white balance
xsharpen — Sharpen by mapping pixels to the closest of window max or min
y4mtrans — yuv/y4m mjpegtools runtime wrapper
y4mparse — Parses a YUV4MPEG stream into raw YUV video